We are looking for blue and white collar candidates to add long-term value to our constructions fields. Matching the right candidates to the right job can be a minefield - but fortunately NEWORK has the experience, capabilities  and resources to navigate and find the best decision for our candidates and clients to fill our vacancies. 

Our main technical fields are in supply, construction, rehabilitation and waste management:

  • Supply: construction materials and logistics.   

  • Construction: turnkey construction (civil buldings, hospitals, warehouses) and project development, civil/structural engineering and road constructions, power supply networks  and energy

  • Rehabilitation: structural, sewer and environmental  rehabilitation

  • Waste Management: recycle and waste management

For almost 30 years our clients have served their customers,using the special Truck vehicles, as a competent partner for roof graveling and degraveling. Backfilling, extractions, snow extractions but also emergency services, dead floors and biogas plants.

We recruit for quarries and gravel plants, a source of prime material which we need as an indispensable basic requirement for structural and civil engineering, road construction, flood protection, and landscaping. Sand, gravel, and rock are the oldest building materials in the world, and our modern society could not do without them.

We recruit also for power supply network segment: underground duct construction, cable installation, laying of empty conduits, installation of overhead lines and cables, and the construction of power switching stations up to 20 KV.

Sewer Rehabilitation is another area we need candidates. It becomes increasingly important to keep the soil and groundwater clean. Repair and maintenance of underground structures and facilities requires technical specialis.