Our services consist in two parts of the work: Recruitment and selection of the candidates in Romania, up to travel to Germany. We did not only place people: we feel responsible for every applicant and give advice to  them as we do with our clients. We support our employees permanently in Germany.

As part of the recruitment procedure, we consistently exceed staffing expectations and source quality professionals for permanent, temporary, or contract construction jobs.

Our mission is to match the right candidate with the right position. In this respect we developed our recruitment strategies fully connected to our values and integrity principles:

Develop client relationships: is the main focus of a successful recruiting process: our responsibility is to understand and interpret our client’s needs and culture, so we can conduct a targeted search for the candidates. Client development is an ongoing effort that continues well past the guarantee period associated with a hire.

Source the right candidates: The quality of the candidates we introduce to a client can greatly impact our reputation. 
By carefully matching the candidate's skills and experience with the client's hiring needs, NEWORK can be an asset to both candidate's career and the client's requirements and talent pool.

Employ ethical recruiting practices: Recruiting and hiring practices are governed by the Equal Opportunity Employment, National Labor Code and other labor laws. Maintaining recruiting practices that are consistent with employment laws while promoting ethical hiring is an objective that we permanently embrace.

Workforce diversity: We fully apply recruiting based on diversity represented by race, national origin, disability or sex. 
We are welcoming also a diverse workforce that represents the three distinct generations in today's workforce: Baby Boomers-born 1946 to 1964, Generation X- born 1965 to 1980 and Millennials- born after 1980. Building a diverse workforce that's representative of these three generations let us know to implement policies that appeal to workers who value flexibility and welcoming older workers back in order to retain workers from the different generations.