Our slogan: “New Job. New Life.” is offering a full integrated life in a new social environment, where we want you to feel comfortable and familiar with all the opportunities will come up.

First of all, we have plenty of job offers for qualified professionals like you. These you may find on our data bank and you may check and apply spontaneously and our representatives will contact you for further details.

A New Job means a lot of benefits for you:

  • Official working agreement ,with all social insurances paid according to the German Law
  • Recognition of Vocational Credentials
  • Salary Payment in due time
  • Continuity of the work with our clients
  • German language training -free of charge 
    A language is always a part of home
    If you speak German, you will see how quickly you feel at home in Germany

A New Life means OPPORTUNITIES for you and your family members: from outstanding schools to full football stadiums at the weekend, from leisure parks to exciting career prospects, Germany has plenty to offer you and  your families. So simply apply for a new job with us and will have a new life!

What we are waiting from you is to have the ability to work in a multicultural environment, to be hard working, to be motivated and flexible and to prove professionalism, tolerance and open-mindedness.