Our values are based on our determination, professionalism and motivation to satisfy both our candidates and our clients. 
It is our main goal to place the right candidate to the right job and to help and develop long professional relations based on mutual trust and satisfaction.

NEWORK's company culture is based on our determination, our willingness and also  our courage to face the changing times, to identify opportunities and familiarize ourselves with new strategies. Our best assets are our candidates, well-qualified, performance-oriented and motivated. And this is the decisive factor that makes a difference in competition and recommend and allow us the work for the best clients in Germany. 

What we stand for:  

Be human: The human element within recruitment is imperative when hiring the right candidate. We believe the decision to hire a person needs to be made by a person rather than a piece of technology.

Be fair: The clear job profiles make the recruitment process fair, transparent and fully compliant with all legal requirements. The job applicants should know all requirements and responsibilities of the job position from the first moment. 

Be a partner: Both candidate and recruiter are partners from the day ONE. After all, you’re both pursuing the same goal - a successful placement. A win for the candidate, a win for the hiring company and last but not least, a win for recruiter!

Be more effective: Effectiveness is a measure of quality and says "Hiring the right person is more important than hiring someone right away." This is our objective! Employment effectiveness is a human process that can be assisted by technology, that’s why we are human and effective!

Be better: We’ve learned from our Clients that lasting success is only granted to those who aspire to be better and better. That is true for us as well as for our candidates.

Be consistent: We offer attractive career opportunities, long-term jobs in more than 50 locations across southern Germany and neighboring countries, and a special corporate culture.